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There are several destinations when it comes to studying overseas but none beats the United Kingdom. It is home to some of the most fantastic colleges and universities across the globe. Whether it is about the campus life or the global recognition of the academic degrees, the United Kingdom is one of the best destinations in the world for pursuing higher education. Now, overseas education isn’t something that comes easily. There are chances of faulty forms, ineligibility, and many other problems. Not to forget, the whole process of immigration is so taxing that a lot of students and their guardians get fed up with the tedious procedures by the time the student leaves for their destination. This is where UK Education consultants in Noida will help.


There are few important factors that one needs to consider if they need to study overseas, especially in the United Kingdom. Here are some of the points which are mandatory for you to not only consider but also follow and an education consultant will help you with these. With the help of overseas education consultants in Noida, the process can be come a lot easier and accelerated than it actually gets because of numerous reasons:


Checking Eligibility and Selecting University

One of the first steps is to check your eligibility for education in the UK. As per the grade pointers, you will be able to find the right university or college you want to study in. Education consultants can provide you with a wide range of university options as well as choices of colleges in the United Kingdom which have the courses you are aspiring to study in. You may not have the complete knowledge of the courses and universities in the UK but the UK Education consultants in Noida would help you with the same.


Getting Documentation and VISA Done

Once you are done with selection and application of the courses for your future, the documentation part comes up. There are several documents which are required for the immigration procedure and you, on your own, may not have the complete information about it. Your overseas education consultant will help you with all the necessary documents to accelerate your visa process. Right from selection of college to last step of immigration, an education consultant extends his guidance throughout the process.


Familiarizing with Compliances and Other General Info

There are going to varying rules and regulations for the overseas students and when you are on your own, you may get into trouble for the lack of knowledge about the same. The education consultant ensures and extends post-departure services as well that are extremely beneficial for the first-time overseas students. Keeping compliance with university as well as state regulations, you get thorough guidance with an overseas education consultant.

The United Kingdom offers a vast variety of offers for the overseas students whether it is about work opportunities or study researches. Make sure to make the most out of it and broaden your career here.

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New Zealand is an absolutely wonderful place to visit. It is situated in the southern west region of the Pacific Ocean. The country is well known for the peppy culture, large and beautiful landscapes as well as calm and beautiful lakes. The natural scenic beauty, swift and flowing clean rivers are some of the major attractions of the place. New Zealand is a clean and hygienic place to live.

New Zealand holds the reputation of being a hub of high-quality and prominent education system that offers excellent opportunities to shape the career of students. While offering the right support services in a very safe learning environment. New Zealand is a country with scenic beauty, young & vibrant atmosphere and environment that makes New Zealand the most sought-after study abroad destination. This hospitable quality of New Zealanders is known us ‘Manaakitanga’.

New Zealand extends different types of higher education institutions, from Universities, Colleges, Private institutions to Polytechnics colleges. Most of the New Zealand’s Universities and Institutions hold global recognition. They are ranked and accepted worldwide. New Zealand’s qualifications are highly regarded & desired by employers across the world. New Zealand’s education system is inspired by the British education system.

The education system, whether, and everything else is important but what makes New Zealand the best choice is the affable nature of the natives. New Zealanders are known for their open attitude and accepting outsiders with love care. It is also note-worthy that New Zealand ranks second when it comes to Global Peace Index. Contact the best Consultancy in Nepal for New Zealand study abroad program.

Some major reasons why New Zealand is a perfect overseas destination for Indian students are:

  • Nominal tuition fees and comparably low cost of living.
  • Students are allowed to work while studying to help with their expenses.
  • Students can work for 20 hours weekly during their regular classes and full time during vacations.
  • Easily available part-time job opportunities provide early access into the major industries.
  • Permanent Residence chances are improved with part-time work and three year open work permit.
  • The visa policies are also supportive of expats that continue their education.

Here are some of the benefits of studying in a renowned New Zealand University:

  • New Zealand universities rank amongst world’s top 100 in 31 subjects.
  • The OECD 2013 Better Life Index stated that New Zealand is amongst the “top performing country” for the high-quality of education system.
  • New Zealand’s bachelor’s degrees are widely recognised in the global job market and for postgraduate study.
  • An abounding number of international students choose New Zealand universities from about 160 countries.

Overseas education consultants can help you in your pursuit of studying abroad in New Zealand.

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Most students think of studying in abroad. Some even have elaborate plans about living their dreams of studying in colleges with excellent infrastructure and the best academic panel. There are several countries that are known to offer the best education and have the state-of-the-art infrastructure. The variety is believed to be a problem among the students as they tend to get confused while deciding which of the possible choices is right for them.

Deciding which country to study in, is probably one of the most important decisions of a student’s life and it is important to given significant amount of time and research to this thought. While you might end up taking quizzes and reading elaborate articles about the same, here is a little piece of advice that can help you in selecting better. The following blog has been curated for students who are willing to move out of India in order to study abroad but are confused about which country is actually going to cater to their dreams in the way they have always imagined. Consider the factors listed below to make a smart decision for yourself:


Checking the Visa Regulations

Countries have varying visa regulations and in some of these countries, the varied regulations are found in every province. While you are going to be there on your study visa, you will have to ensure that you do not have to face any hassle during the entire course of your stay. The UK education consultants in Noida can help you with this. They can assist you in developing a better understanding of the visa regulations so that you do not have to face any inconvenience in the upcoming future.


The Cost of Living

While you are making up your mind for studying in abroad, you will have to be sure about the cost of living coming your way. This involves the tuition fee, your accommodation, the additional charges, etc. There are study in Canada consultants in Bangalore who can help you in calculating the total amount of money that you will need in the upcoming months/years. It is important for you to consider these.


The Institutions and The Courses

If you have a course in your mind, you might want to go into the details of it and find out which institute or college is going to be the best for it. The next process up is the admission procedure in the institute. Being a novice, you may not know what all are the things required for admission but with help from the UK education consultants in Noida, you can find out the entire information on the admission procedure.

In addition to these factors, one also has to consider the language of the country and make sure that it doesn’t act as a barrier for you during your stay. Consider these factors before you take a decision and this will make sure that the decision henceforth is worthy of all the chances you are going to take.

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Over the years, India has emerged out to be one of those nations who have sent a large number of students across nations for studying. One among the top locations to pursue higher education is the United Kingdom. There are various reasons for why students wish to go abroad, in this case The U.K. Have a look at some of the common reasons why students wish to go out abroad and study:
– Getting a global perspective to broaden their horizons
– For becoming self-dependent and getting an experience into the diverse global cultures
– To lay hands on the latest technologies and develop proficiency in problem-solving aptitude and skills
– To become a global citizen
– Improving communication skills

There are numerous other reasons that are significant for student immigration but what is a lot more important is to when the need arises for study immigration, the need also arises about getting associated with an overseas education consultant.
For a student who has little to no knowledge about a foreign country, it is extremely important for such students to get professional help. An education consultant is just the right help to the students willing to pursue higher education overseas.

Let us throw some light on how does an overseas education consultant helps the students willing to move to the UK for higher studies:

Career Counselling
One of the first steps that a student needs to be extremely cautious about is to have their options sorted out. Even though there are fairly high numbers of educational institutes in the United Kingdom, it is important for the students to weight their options. These students require counselling to decide what their options are and which courses can be fruitful for them.

Admission Guidance
There are several top class UK education consultants in Noida that can help these students in taking the right decision about their study plans. This type of counselling is only given by higher education consultants. It can be quite difficult or complex for the students to decide on their own but with a consultancy for their help, they can figure out things better. Whether it is about suggesting the better course or choosing a better university/ educational institute, an education consultant can help with the right selection procedure.

Estimating the Finances
Estimating the finances is an extremely important factor when it comes to study immigration. Once the academic guidance is done, the next step is to know the documents that are required, the total amount of money that will be required over the duration – for the tuition and the living expense. For a student, it can be very difficult to estimate these expenses but with the proper guidance from an overseas education consultant this can be done without any trouble.

Assistance for Visa
Getting a student visa isn’t the easiest task. An education consultant assists the student in collecting the correct documents while being extremely cautious of the documentation. One cannot get all the documentation ready on their own but with only the help of a professional, a person is able to get the documentation right. There are better chances of attaining visa this way.

An education consultant assists the student in getting the accommodation to these students as a lot of them have tie ups with various universities. In a lot of cases, the consultants even set the students up with the contact info of some seniors from the same universities for any help in future.

There are numerous other ways in which the overseas education consultants can benefit the students. Thus, if you are willing to pursue your higher education in the United Kingdom, get associated with an education consultant.

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Canada is home to thousands of international students every year with hosting about 180000 international students per year. The country also boasts of rich technology with leaders in Java, networking, and wireless communication. The diverse culture, peaceful environment, and safe surroundings, make Canada the best place for students. The pandemic situation is definitely temporary but surely impactful. Don’t let tough times define your goals for you, things will get better soon and life will return back to normal. Here are some of your doubts answered by our experts regarding the impact of COVID-19 on universities and admissions in Canada:

  • The courses that start in the May of every year are termed as summer courses, these handles two sets of students. First group comprises the students with their visa approved while the other group comprises students who are yet to receive response. The IRCC has recently waived a relief flag to the students who were planning to study in Canada for May/June intake. Such students can now start online courses from their home country. This is great news for students who had a permit to take summer classes but were bound by travel
  • International Students would have to attend online classes given the current time, however, they still remain eligible for the Canadian Post Graduation Work Permit. This ensures that students can stay and work for up to 3 years.
  • Universities and colleges of Canada are high advocates of online classes. This is a major help to those wish to begin their classes on time and from the comfort of their home. Once the situation returns to normalcy these students can attend the semester in Canada itself and still work post their course completion in Canada.
  • Students who don’t wish to travel and are not motivated for online classes, are presented with the option of deferring their courses till September. If you decide to withdraw your application and wish for a refund, it is important that you understand what is at stake here. The ideal way to go about studying abroad would be to take online classes, withdrawing application wouldn’t be a wise decision given the situation that persists in the present day scenario. You can stay in your home country and start your online This essentially saves up the cost of travel, stay and other related expenses, while once the situation gets back to normal you can study on-campus in Canada.

Points To Consider:

  • Students who were expecting to commence their course in the May of this year, must contact the college and gain an insight on their provisions for you.
  • Students who are traveling by air, would be required to undergo all the necessary medical testing. Post arrival, they will have to undergo medical testing again and isolate themselves for at least 14 days.
  • You must note that students who have no place to self-isolate wouldn’t be allowed to enter Canada.
  • September intake students must understand that being optimistic in this difficult time helps. So keep a positive mindset and hope at heart that the situation is temporary and life will get back to normal soon.
  • Some universities and colleges in Canada are taking applications without an IELTS scorecard, while some are also ready to neglect the final year marksheet. During these difficult times payment delays are also accepted, so as to ensure students that nothing can take away their opportunity of living and studying abroad.

If you are an aspirant who is bogged by the current circumstances, all you need is right guidance and counselling. At Espire Education, we offer you best counseling by our industry experts with years of experience. Get in touch with us to know more!