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Studying abroad is a great opportunity for many across the globe. People get exposure to several ways of life and improve understanding. Researchers conducted on quantifiable characteristics of study abroad suggest that students who study abroad have experienced less deterioration and graduate from college more than native students comparatively. However, education immigration is quite a complex task. This is when we need abroad education consultants in Noida

Here is why you need to hire education consultants-

  • Provides support at every step

Education consultants assist with course selection, country choice, budgeting, assistance with scholarships, and help with visa procedures.

  • In-depth information

If new to the education system, a professional educational consultant works as a valuable resource to provide related information.

  • Assist with selection 

Professional consultants assist in selecting the suitable fit of the course, college and university that best suits your interests, personality, desires and aptitude. Moreover, they also help to prepare for embassy interviews and advice on achieving the desired goals.

  • Get solution to queries

The consultants answer all your queries about entrance exams that are most appropriate. They also help with the preparation of tests.

  • Provide economic assistance 

They help guide through the financial concerns and provide inside information and lesser-known resources on related matters.

Consultants provide a lot more assistance and make the process effortless and quick. If you are looking for similar services then reach the best study in Canada consultants in Noida

Whether it is a visa or passport or application, everything is handled by the team with ease. Efforts are made to assure that you are served satisfactory services because your satisfaction is always the priority.

Moreover, highly skilled and competent professionals who are experienced as have been in the field for years are assigned to assist you at every step. The team has helped many clients and are prepared to take you a step closer to your dream. Reach the best study in Canada consultant in Noida.

The services offered include complete Maintenance of confidentiality of all your documents. All your documents are handled with safety and are not shared with any third party. Also, you are offered accommodation and part-time jobs assistance. 

So if it is about migrating abroad then do not think twice and reach the best abroad education consultants in Noida. Pack your bags and get ready to fly to your dream country now!

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Do you want to move to Canada for your higher studies? Canada offers varying avenues to aspirants who want to study in the nation. Here, colleges and universities offer excellent career paths to national and international students. With the facility of scholarships and grants, it has become much easier for international students to study in Canada. In this blog, we are going to discuss the things you need to pay attention to. The blog revolves around all the essentials you need to keep in check when planning to move out of your home country. 

All the information given here has been verified by the top consultants from the best education consultancy for Canada in NepalRead along to find out everything: 

Validity of Student Permit 

Every international student is granted a student visa. A Canada Student visa is valid for the entire time of your course and an additional three months. This extra time of three months helps you to prepare properly for your return to your home country. Or if you plan on exceeding your stay, you can apply for an extension in these 30 days. 

What Documents Do I Need?

Every international student is required to present some essential documents when it comes to fulfilling the requirements of a study visa. We recommend you to consult with the best education consultancy for Canada in Nepal if you want assistance and thorough guidance in availing your study permit. 

Here is a list of documents that you will need as an international student to get your study permit. 

Proof of Identity 

This includes your valid passport or any other travel document. If you are applying through the online mode, you can upload the information page of the respective document and after your approval, you can send the original document. 

Proof of Acceptance 

In this, you are required to show proof of your acceptance to a Canadian college or university.

Proof of Your Financial Support 

This is to prove whether you will be able to support yourself while you are staying in Canada. The candidates are required to provide details of their funds by providing any of the following: 

  • Proof of money in a Canadian Bank with an account under your name 
  • GIC – Guaranteed Investment Certificate from a Canadian Financial Institution 
  • Bank statement for the last four months 
  • Bank draft which can be converted into Canadian Dollars 
  • A letter from the institution granting you money 
  • Proof of funds from anyone in Canada who is giving you money 

You are also required to produce a letter of explanation that mentions your goals and why you want to study in Canada. For minors, there is a Custodian Declaration needed as well. For every international student, proof of acceptance for the main course or any additional course is also needed at the time of document submission. 

Espire Education is the leading abroad education consultancy in Nepal offering the best assistance and guidance to students who want to study in Canada. Connect with our professional experts to help you avail your study permit. 

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When it comes to finding accommodating countries, there is no other country that can beat Australia. Whether you talk about the surprisingly high quality of living there or the excellent academic standards, the humongous job opportunities or the multicultural diversity of the nation, there is absolutely nothing in which Australia lags. These are some of the reasons why people from all across the world want to settle down here and build a life here. These are just some of the perks that set Australia apart from the crowd but don’t mistake these as the only ones as the list goes on and on! 

Australia has offered livelihood and great career opportunities to millions and millions of people and continues to do so even today. Australia offers an easy and seamless way for international people to immigrate. For anyone who wishes to settle in the island nation can consult registered immigration agents in Australia for comprehensive immigration services. 

Two of the common visa types that have been known to attract a large number of immigrants to Australia are- 

–     Skilled Independent Visa 

–     Skilled Nominated Visa 

These visa categories have been specially designed to attract experienced and skilled migrants having occupations from the Skilled Occupation List. 

One may say that they are quite similar to each other but there are legitimate differences between Subclass 180 and 190. In this blog, we are going to find out the essential differences between these two subclasses to develop a better understanding of what these visa types actually are and how they differ from one another. 

Occupation List 

The first and foremost thing we are going to see is the occupation list. The Subclass 190 Visa requires getting a nomination from a state or territory in Australia. For Subclass 189, the immigrant’s occupation must be listed in the MLTSSL – Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List. If you are confused about locating your occupation in the occupation list, your registered immigration agents in Australia can assist you. 


The chief point of difference between both these visa subclasses is the requirement for sponsorship from an Australian State or Territory. In the Skilled Independent Visa, there is no need for state or territory sponsorship. On the other hand, the Skilled Nominated Visa – as the name signifies, requires a sponsorship. 

In addition to the two main points of difference, the number of invitation rounds also differ in these two subclasses. The frequency of invitation rounds poses a difficulty due to the ongoing pandemic but things are looking good for people waiting to immigrate to Australia. 

We hope this blog has helped in clearing your doubts regarding subclasses 189 and 190. Espire Education is the leading education and immigration consultancy helping students and aspirants from all across the world to immigrate to countries of their choice. If you are looking for study in Germany education consultants in Bangalore or immigration consultants in Delhi, we are here for you. Connect with us for a seamless and convenient immigration experience!

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Canada has always been on the top of the list in all the spheres ranging from a stable economy to quality of life to job opportunities and much more. Urban life in Canada is said to be the bee’s knees. In the order of the world’s most liveable cities, three Canadian cities including Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary, were placed in the top ten. Moreover, Canada has every landscape going which ranges from the rugged coastline of the Pacific Rim to the magical Meadows in the Sky and the granite mountains of Gros Morne, and many more unmatched landscapes.

Eligibility to migrate to Canada

There are several ways of migrating to Canada which include

  • Permanent Residency: one might be eligible for Express Entry as a skilled worker and get their PR with ease.
  • Study Permit: international students may work up to 20 hours a week and get their study permit.
  • Work Permit: LMIA given by an employer in Canada may need to be obtained before hiring a foreign worker.

Migrating to study in Canada is a great option. Students have several top-ranking universities to choose from that offer a wide range of courses.

The total expense of settling in Canada

The total expense of living in Canada varies based on which area you will be choosing to live in. The total cost of living is needed to sustain an adequate standard of living by paying for certain necessities including housing, food, taxes, healthcare, and much more. However, the total cost is still budget-friendly and reasonable.

Migrating to Canada is exciting but at the same time, the policies involved and the complex process heightens the difficulty of getting the visa cleared. This is when we need assistance from immigration consultants.

If you too are striving for the same services then you can reach the best abroad education consultants in Bangalore who are all prepared to encourage you and assist you to study in your chosen university.

The best study in Canada consultants in Noida assists students to make it to their dream university in their dream nation, Canada. A team of highly skilled and competent professionals is assigned to assist you at every step. They are experienced and are aware of all the policies and procedures involved that further increase the chances of approval of your application. They offer extraordinary admissions counseling services that will help you get into top colleges. Complete transparency is maintained. The team briefs you about the procedure beforehand and moves forward only after your approval.

So if it is about immigration to Canada then do not think twice and quickly reach the best abroad education consultants in Bangalore and get ready to migrate to your dream country effortlessly.

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You could be planning to grow your career prospects, which means, pursuing education abroad. There are many countries all around the world that boast numerously reputed and top-ranking colleges/universities offerings different courses. To pave your way towards the best life, you need proper guidance from the top education consultants in Australia. Why? See, you don’t have the knowledge or information about moving overseas or even about the potential college/university, and other aspects. Well, that’s why you need to approach an education agent or consultant to get overseas education opportunities as they have several reputed universities on their network. They are equipped with knowledge, skills, and have tie-ups with different colleges and universities, which means, they can keep you safe from risks and any mistake that can end you up with a rejected visa. 

Well, it is advised to be cautious and avoid falling prey to amateur consulting agencies as they offer poor-quality courses. Considering the fact that they are just students, they may charge the extra fee not caring for any needs of the clients. With proper research and consideration, you can find the reputed and trusted best education agent in Melbourne. It is beneficial to seek the right guidance in order to make your way into globally recognized universities to grow your career. 


The education consulting profile has grown quite too much in the past years. Most successful ones love to work with young adults and their parents ensuring they reach their goals. It is advised to hire an education agent after careful consideration, and someone with proper experience, knowledge, license, and skills. Hiring an educational consultant should carefully evaluate the experience of a consultant, check if they are licensed, and more. 

You need to ensure that the consultants are clear about the fees, education philosophy, counseling procedure, and before hiring ask for references from past clients. 

The truth about hiring a trusted educational consultancy, firstly, you need to make sure that they are ideal for your needs. A professional one can recommend you right course, university, accommodation, and more. Since they are well-informed about the current policies and development in the education field, it comes in handy to have a professional onboard to ensure a smooth journey. 

With Espire Education’s team of professionals, aspirants who wish to study overseas can achieve their goals with proper guidance. We being experienced and licensed consultants can be of huge help in offering efficient consultancy service.