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The Coronavirus pandemic situation has become a matter of concern for students who were looking to study overseas. For the prospective International students, it is highly critical that you keep your eye on the bigger picture. Here is a comprehensive plan that you must undertake:

  • Make the application – In case you wish to decide on studying abroad, the first step is to make the application. Unless you have something productive in your prospect lined up for future it wouldn’t be right to show the gap on your CV. As students, even the universities are on an uphill battle, however, each one is fighting a silent battle to stay afloat. Universities are accepting applications and adjustments online. Universities are also conducting online classes to ensure that educational prospects continue. An extension in the application deadline is quite common and can be extended to cater to the needs of the students.
  • Online Classes are extended – Online classes are offered to ensure that students don’t lag and can continue with their studies. Students living at any corner of the world can study through these online classes. They are scheduled comfortably and conveniently basis the time zone. You as a student are offered the provision to pick your own pace of learning. The cost of accommodation, travel, and other expenditures are also minimized due to the online provision.
  • Future Prospect – In the near future, with the travel restrictions being lifted, students can expect the social distancing norms to thicken. Rotational classes, a limited number of students in a class, and temperature check before entering the class are expected to become the new normal. Hybrid classes are sure to become the future, students would be given the chance to choose between online and offline classes.
  • Skill Enhancement – Every minute the world is evolving, the technological sphere is broadening. In this technology-friendly world, it would be great to pick the right in-demand skill and work towards broadening your knowledge related to it. Online classes offer you the provision and time to indulge in something new. Online classes allow students to interact with various forms and different parts of the world and thus become global players.

Study abroad consultants in Noida offer the best help when it comes to making the big shift in life. Students who wish to move abroad to study can greatly benefit from the knowledge and help provided by the abroad education consultants in Noida.

Cinque Terre

Overseas Education consultants can help you in your endeavor to study abroad. They are your consultants to discuss and talk about career choice, the choice of country to study, and also the choice of study program. Why and how do Visa consultancies help students who wish to study abroad? A visa acts as a permission from the country you wish to visit. It authenticates that the country allows you entry. There are no doubts about the fact that the process can be messy and chaotic. However, the overseas education consultants who also act as your Visa Consultants, can help you come out of the messy, sticky situation with ease.

  • Best Career Advice for Studying Abroad – Career advisors help you find a befitting education program. You will be provided the latest information on all the universities and what they offer. Overseas education consultants can handle matters related to your visa requirements. They can answer your queries and offer you a befitting solution.
  • Hassle-Free and convenient – The expert agents are well-trained, knowledgeable, and supportive. They ensure you don’t make any mistakes and proficiently help students get their visa approval.
  • Best-in-Class – The consultants are experienced and can handle your queries well. To choose the best course based on your need, requirement, and qualification, you have to be sure to get in touch and enroll in the right course.
  • Reasonable Price – Overseas education consultants in Noida, Delhi/NCR offer the best and the most cost-effective solution, streamlining the pricing structure. This saves both time and money.
  • Visa & Coaching Packages – Student visa consultants strive to help students complete the overall package. Starting from IELTS exams to the score that is required to get an admission in the university abroad, all the information related to this is handled well by expert consultants.
  • Transparency – The overseas education consultants in Delhi/NCR offer you the best advice and transparency on the choice of college and institute to go to. The consultants can advise you well on how to apply for visa and other formalities that need you to take care of things. This helps make the journey smooth.

Education plays a vital role in our life today. Students wish to build their career by enrolling themselves in the best course that is most lucrative for them. Overseas Education Consultants in Delhi/NCR offer their professional help to the study abroad aspirants. Espire Education is an overseas education consultancy in Delhi/NCR and Noida. Offering assistance on visa packages, admissions, and all the other details related to your study abroad venture, like the fees and possible scholarship options. Get in touch with our education consultants to know more about the universities and possible courses, as per your interest.

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Most students garner the dream of studying abroad and of pursuing their higher education abroad. At the very same time, behind all the excitement of studying abroad, there is also a fear that keeps creeping up about all the things which one may face in the foreign country. There are a number of these fears which can cause disturbance and if you are struggling with any of such thoughts then this is the blog for you. In the blog, we discuss some of the myths which students have when they are all set to pursue their education abroad. Read the blog to find out for yourself:


Myth 1: Only Rich Kids Can Afford Abroad Education

That is one of the most common myth that a lot of students have. Most of the aspirants even hold themselves from pursuing their dreams but this is totally incorrect. There are numerous benefits which abroad education caters to the aspirants. For the overseas students, there are several scholarships and grants which one can avail. The abroad educational consultancy in Nepal will help you in finding out the right course for you and if there are any available scholarships in the particular case. In addition to that, there are education loans which are extremely helpful and can emerge to be very beneficial for you.

Myth 2: Studying Abroad isn’t Safe

Most people think that cross-border students are not safe abroad but that is also a myth which is largely believed without a proof. There are some countries which are comparatively much safer than Nepal is. If you look at destinations like Canada, New Zealand and Australia, there are low crime quotients and these places offer extremely pleasant conditions to the students to live and bloom. If you have all your documents and certification with you, there is nothing you have to worry about. Your study abroad consultants in Kathmandu will help you through the documentation and certification that you need in abroad but there are no such things as cross-border students are unsafe.

Myth 3: The Relevancy of Degrees Back Home

There can be some doubts popping up in your mind if the recognition that your university has in Australia or the United States of America may not stay the same back in your country. This is where you need to know that almost all the universities have global recognition and wherever you got to, in the world, once you are done with your degree, your degree will be valued just as it is in the country where you have studied from. You can get help of abroad educational consultancy in Nepal to find out which of the universities are globally recognized and you should enrol as per that.

The list of all the myths of pursuing education abroad is almost never ending. If these are some of the myths which you had in your mind, then we hope this blog brought a little clarity to your mind.

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When you are always surrounded by friendly things it is highly likely that you might be feel homesick when out in a new environment. Sadness, anxiety, and loss of appetite are some of the common symptoms that you might experience. When a student opts for higher studies, he also signs up for inevitable changes and challenges, like cultural difference, difference of language, change in cuisine, the altered eating habits, and much more. The transition doesn’t always have to be challenging, you can be a winner at your game with less dramatic transitions as well. Here’s how you can go about it:

  • Communicate with friends and family, stay in touch with them. They are your pillars to fall back on, so get yourself at ease with the fact that distance doesn’t change anything. Irrespective of the place and distance, the feeling of people who love you continue to do so.
  • Get comfortable with the new place, spend some time getting to know the new place you will call home. Make your room a comfortable space for you. Add your favorite elements within your surroundings. Get to know the area and the place a little more.
  • Keep your mind calm and body healthy with regular exercise and meditation. Going for a run or performing some meditation is the best way to get rid of homesickness.
  • Devote some time to the things you are passionate about. Whether it is a sport, painting, or theatre, whatever it is get in touch with the university and join the specific club of your choice. When you indulge in your passion you bring forth the best in you and also make new friends, get to know the new space better. All of which comes handy when you want to beat homesickness.
  • Explore fun activities that are popular locally to indulge in. Often when you decide a country to study abroad the abroad education consultants would brief you up about all that the country has to offer. These activities tend to keep you busy when you are homesick.
  • Be patient and take some time to settle. It might take you some time to get accustomed to the new place but always keep in mind that your purpose is to make a better life for yourself. Your career is the reason you are in a new country. So don’t lose sight of the focus and adjust everything else in the background with the right vision.

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Australia can be called the land of opportunities. A country that provides a wholesome package. You will witness quality education, safe and harmonious society with the excellent living condition. The education system in Australia is globally accredited. The introduction of compact, intensive, and relevant courses makes Australia the best choice for students willing to pursue a degree. With over 41 universities and thousands of immigrant students, Australia has its doors opened for the enthusiasts. Here’s what makes Australia the best study abroad destination:

  • Wholesome Student Experience – Australia is a country that offers an exhilarating experience. With beaches and water sports, students can spend their weekend trying bungee jumping, scuba diving, snorkelling, etc. it is easy for students to take a break from the academic hustle and break the monotony.
  • Pleasant weather – Climate is one thing that most students find hard to adjust in. Australia has a pleasant tropical climate. With the country’s top universities located in cities with a beautiful climate, you can be assured that living there wouldn’t be difficult.
  • Language is never a problem – International students often face the trouble of communication gap with the natives. Although most countries conduct courses in English, yet, it becomes a problem to converse with the local. However, the language barrier will not be a trouble when you decide to study in Australia. All you would ever have to get accustomed to are the slangs.
  • Amicable environment – Friendly and social lifestyle of the locals make Australia a very welcoming country. Some of the best Australian universities are located within the peripheral of beaches and parks. So it is easier for students to find fun activities to indulge in after a hectic day. Australia accommodates all different nationalities, this makes it a land of diversity. When you consult a study abroad consultant in Noida, you have easy access to a reliable expert who is available to answer all your queries.
  • Job opportunities – In Australia, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree is extended to a student who has spent at least two academic years in Australia. This student is eligible for two years of Post Study Work Right. Furthermore, according to Government laid law, Master’s by research graduates receive three years and Doctorate graduate receives four years of Post Study Work Rights.

Students are offered 24 months visa after the completion of 2 years of study in Australia. During this time students can work full time or develop some skill which will help them attain points for General Skilled Migrant Policy of PR. Various visa categories are available for the students to apply.

  • Scholarships – OPRS or Overseas Postgraduate Research Scholarship is extended to the student who wishes to obtain a scholarship. 300 scholarships are offered yearly to international students from around the world. Contact an Australia education consultant in Noida to know more on the scholarship options available.

If you are willing to know more about the life of a student in Australia, or, if you want to pursue a course in Australia, then Espire Education can help you in your endeavour. Our team of experts will contact you and answer all your query and offer you the help you need to pursue your dream of studying abroad in Australia.