Benefits of Studying in the UK


If history is anything to go by, the historic landscapes and the relentless murmur of the ever-moving development there are many Benefits of Studying in the UK. It is also called the land where it all started! The UK is a place which has been an apple of the eye of students, working professionals and also newlywed couples. According to many surveys and studies conducted in the past, the UK turned out to be the most sought after country for higher studies. A lot of factors are responsible for the immense popularity of the UK in the global scenario. This Continue Reading →

Top Job Providing Sectors in Europe


Europe is a dream destination for people from all sects of world for numerous reasons. Making a prolific career in European countries won’t be a Herculean task once you know the top job providing sectors in Europe.   People from all corner of the world have one common dream, to visit Europe! Europe, an unparalleled continent, has been a dream destination of students and general public alike for many reasons. Let’s give you a gist of some of those reasons – Europe is enriched with lovely beaches and tranquil mountains, its cultural heritage, museums, castles and monuments are subjects of Continue Reading →

Get FREE entry for JCU Singapore Scholarship Test

      Singapore has recently become famous choice for students going for higher studies abroad. Below are some of great opportunities for Indian students considering Singapore for their future studies. Scholarships up to 11 Lakhs INR (SGD 22, 316) Scholarships are offered ranged up to 50% of Master’s Degree & Bachelor’s Degree Course fee of James Cook University, Singapore. Highlights of James Cook University

Top 5 Hottest Destinations to Study Abroad

Want to Study Abroad? Here are top 5 Hottest Destinations to Study Abroad! If you want to explore the endless options to study abroad, consider various career opportunities and travel the world while doing it, you are reading the right article! We have done vast research on the countries all over the world and have selected the top ones for you. Our team has shortlisted these countries on the basis of various parameters, which includes education system of the country, majorly spoken language, quality of living, cost effectiveness and global reputation of their institutes/universities. So here are the top 5 Continue Reading →

Opportunities for Engineers in Australia


Engineers are in demand not only in India but also all over the world. They are considered one of the chief drivers of overall growth, technological advancement and the mind-boggling growth of the virtual world that we are witnessing in our times. Engineering professionals are in hot demand in developed countries like the US, the UK and Australia. Thinly populated countries like Australia face an acute shortage of skilled and specialized professionals. In order to solve this problem, successive governments in Australia have taken several initiatives to make immigration attractive, rewarding as well as easy for foreigners. Professional degrees or Continue Reading →

Tips for Finding Best Part-Time Jobs While Studying Abroad


(Image credit: Regardless of whether you’re studying in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, or the US, all these countries have many part-time job options available for full-time international students. But the option that is the best for you will depend on what you want to gain out of part-time employment. Is it just some money to tide you over? Or do you want to gain any specific type of experience that would help you when you are seeking full-time employment? Clarity on this front will help, so we recommend giving this a good thought. In the meantime, here Continue Reading →