Tips to get job in Canada after studies by Indian student

Sahil Dang, who enrolled for a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing at Douglas College, New Westminster is one of the thousands of success stories at Espire Education. Sahil originally hails from Phagwara, India, is currently living in Surrey and has been living abroad for nearly two years now and working as an Internet Marketing specialist. Here is an excerpt from a nice chat we had with Sahil recently and this is what he has to say. Why did you decided to go and study abroad? Well, it was a hard decision to make. I had no relatives and friends there. Continue Reading →

Tips for Studying and Getting Scholarship in USA


We all aim to seek best education with a view to enhance our career prospects. More practical phenomena in education leads to higher professionalism in professional life. What USA has in store for you? The USA is well known for its intelligent heads. It has numerous renowned colleges and universities encompassing advanced programs and technologically advanced teaching methods. The professors are equipped with detailed knowledge about their respective subjects and teach equally well. Some of the factors that make USA one of the favorite destinations to study are: 1. Earn While Studying There is tremendous potential in USA; all you Continue Reading →

Effective Ways of Writing Statement Of Purpose (SOP)


A statement of purpose as the name suggests, determines your purpose of taking admission in a university. It covers certain parameters that need to be addressed perfectly. Why you want to take up a particular course? What expertise do you have in your field? What has influenced your career path? What next you want to do in life? A statement of purpose enables your admission committee to discover your professional potential. They quest for students who have immense potential to lead a successful career path, who have well determined outlook of what they want to achieve in life, who have Continue Reading →

Importance of ELICOS

Importance of ELICOS

Australia is recognized as having a very high quality education system. Students come to Australia from across the globe to study English for a variety of reasons. Some need improvement in their English for work or career purposes, some have a personal interest in becoming fluent in English, and some intend to travel. Others may want to continue their education in English, either in Australia or elsewhere, and need to develop the language skills to undertake further studies. The English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) programs has been developed by the Australian government to allow speakers of English Continue Reading →

How to Study and Settle in Canada

How To Study And Settle In Canada

It’s not a secret anymore that the entire youth brigade of the nation, or rather, the world, wants to study and settle in Canada for the very obvious reasons. But if it was that easy, then everybody would have done that! So now you must be wondering what does it takes to study and settle in Canada. Here’s the answer – Say Hello to SPP SPP stands for Student Partners Program. SPP is designed by the collaborative efforts of the Canadian Visa Offices in India and The Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) for improving the outcomes of visa applications Continue Reading →