Why a Master’s Degree from Australia is the Right Choice for you?

Why a Master’s Degree from Australia is the Right Choice for you?

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Australia can be called the land of opportunities. A country that provides a wholesome package. You will witness quality education, safe and harmonious society with the excellent living condition. The education system in Australia is globally accredited. The introduction of compact, intensive, and relevant courses makes Australia the best choice for students willing to pursue a degree. With over 41 universities and thousands of immigrant students, Australia has its doors opened for the enthusiasts. Here’s what makes Australia the best study abroad destination:

  • Wholesome Student Experience – Australia is a country that offers an exhilarating experience. With beaches and water sports, students can spend their weekend trying bungee jumping, scuba diving, snorkelling, etc. it is easy for students to take a break from the academic hustle and break the monotony.
  • Pleasant weather – Climate is one thing that most students find hard to adjust in. Australia has a pleasant tropical climate. With the country’s top universities located in cities with a beautiful climate, you can be assured that living there wouldn’t be difficult.
  • Language is never a problem – International students often face the trouble of communication gap with the natives. Although most countries conduct courses in English, yet, it becomes a problem to converse with the local. However, the language barrier will not be a trouble when you decide to study in Australia. All you would ever have to get accustomed to are the slangs.
  • Amicable environment – Friendly and social lifestyle of the locals make Australia a very welcoming country. Some of the best Australian universities are located within the peripheral of beaches and parks. So it is easier for students to find fun activities to indulge in after a hectic day. Australia accommodates all different nationalities, this makes it a land of diversity. When you consult a study abroad consultant in Noida, you have easy access to a reliable expert who is available to answer all your queries.
  • Job opportunities – In Australia, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree is extended to a student who has spent at least two academic years in Australia. This student is eligible for two years of Post Study Work Right. Furthermore, according to Government laid law, Master’s by research graduates receive three years and Doctorate graduate receives four years of Post Study Work Rights.

Students are offered 24 months visa after the completion of 2 years of study in Australia. During this time students can work full time or develop some skill which will help them attain points for General Skilled Migrant Policy of PR. Various visa categories are available for the students to apply.

  • Scholarships – OPRS or Overseas Postgraduate Research Scholarship is extended to the student who wishes to obtain a scholarship. 300 scholarships are offered yearly to international students from around the world. Contact an Australia education consultant in Noida to know more on the scholarship options available.

If you are willing to know more about the life of a student in Australia, or, if you want to pursue a course in Australia, then Espire Education can help you in your endeavour. Our team of experts will contact you and answer all your query and offer you the help you need to pursue your dream of studying abroad in Australia.


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