Know The Exact Difference Between a Skilled Independent and Nominated Visa

Know The Exact Difference Between a Skilled Independent and Nominated Visa

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When it comes to finding accommodating countries, there is no other country that can beat Australia. Whether you talk about the surprisingly high quality of living there or the excellent academic standards, the humongous job opportunities or the multicultural diversity of the nation, there is absolutely nothing in which Australia lags. These are some of the reasons why people from all across the world want to settle down here and build a life here. These are just some of the perks that set Australia apart from the crowd but don’t mistake these as the only ones as the list goes on and on! 

Australia has offered livelihood and great career opportunities to millions and millions of people and continues to do so even today. Australia offers an easy and seamless way for international people to immigrate. For anyone who wishes to settle in the island nation can consult registered immigration agents in Australia for comprehensive immigration services. 

Two of the common visa types that have been known to attract a large number of immigrants to Australia are- 

–     Skilled Independent Visa 

–     Skilled Nominated Visa 

These visa categories have been specially designed to attract experienced and skilled migrants having occupations from the Skilled Occupation List. 

One may say that they are quite similar to each other but there are legitimate differences between Subclass 180 and 190. In this blog, we are going to find out the essential differences between these two subclasses to develop a better understanding of what these visa types actually are and how they differ from one another. 

Occupation List 

The first and foremost thing we are going to see is the occupation list. The Subclass 190 Visa requires getting a nomination from a state or territory in Australia. For Subclass 189, the immigrant’s occupation must be listed in the MLTSSL – Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List. If you are confused about locating your occupation in the occupation list, your registered immigration agents in Australia can assist you. 


The chief point of difference between both these visa subclasses is the requirement for sponsorship from an Australian State or Territory. In the Skilled Independent Visa, there is no need for state or territory sponsorship. On the other hand, the Skilled Nominated Visa – as the name signifies, requires a sponsorship. 

In addition to the two main points of difference, the number of invitation rounds also differ in these two subclasses. The frequency of invitation rounds poses a difficulty due to the ongoing pandemic but things are looking good for people waiting to immigrate to Australia. 

We hope this blog has helped in clearing your doubts regarding subclasses 189 and 190. Espire Education is the leading education and immigration consultancy helping students and aspirants from all across the world to immigrate to countries of their choice. If you are looking for study in Germany education consultants in Bangalore or immigration consultants in Delhi, we are here for you. Connect with us for a seamless and convenient immigration experience!


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