How to Switch University or Course in Australia?

How to Switch University or Course in Australia?

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One of the most important choices a student takes in their life is to pursue higher education abroad. It requires a substantial financial contribution, as well as time and effort, to complete the course. What if, after all your research, you arrive at your study destination, begin the course, and learn you should have made a better choice? Yes, many foreign students find themselves in this position, sometimes it is simply because the course does not fit with their career aspirations. This is not a cause for concern in Australia. Here’s all you need to know about changing course and institution in Australia.

How can I change my course at the same university?

The below are the main two situations to remember when transferring courses in your original institution.

  • Opting for same level or a higher level course

The method is easy if you choose to move to a course that is at the same standard as your initial course or higher (as defined by the Australian Qualifications Framework). You must communicate your desire to change courses at your university. They will contact the Department of Home Affairs of the updated course details until it has been accepted. You don’t need to apply for a new student visa or make any changes to your IMMI profile.

  • Changing to a lower level course
    • You’ll need to register for a new student visa if you plan to take a lower-level course than the existing one.
    • You can still receive a new student visa if you change to a course in a particular educational field.
    • The only exception is that if you go from a doctorate to a master’s degree, you will be on the same visa.

Talk to your student advisor or a qualified education counsellor 

It is important that you have a conversation with your university’s foreign student counsellor as a first move. The conversation will assist you in making the best decision possible. The counsellor might be able to help you overcome the problems at your current institution that caused you to consider moving in the first place. This discussion will help you better understand the institution’s transition policies.

When moving to a path or an organization that is more compatible with your relocation priorities and job ambitions, consulting with a trained college counsellor will help you make the correct choice. Your counsellor will also assist you in the process, ensuring that you have a seamless transition to the next organization.

You could also get expert advice from the best education agent in Sydney before starting the journey if you are a foreign student seeking a move. The education consultants would help shortlist the best institutions and the right course to opt for from across Australia based on your financial condition, job and migration ambitions, and make the whole process smoother. Searching for the best education agency in Melbourne? Contact us, right now!


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