Debunking Common Myths about Pursuing Higher Education Abroad

Debunking Common Myths about Pursuing Higher Education Abroad

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Most students garner the dream of studying abroad and of pursuing their higher education abroad. At the very same time, behind all the excitement of studying abroad, there is also a fear that keeps creeping up about all the things which one may face in the foreign country. There are a number of these fears which can cause disturbance and if you are struggling with any of such thoughts then this is the blog for you. In the blog, we discuss some of the myths which students have when they are all set to pursue their education abroad. Read the blog to find out for yourself:


Myth 1: Only Rich Kids Can Afford Abroad Education

That is one of the most common myth that a lot of students have. Most of the aspirants even hold themselves from pursuing their dreams but this is totally incorrect. There are numerous benefits which abroad education caters to the aspirants. For the overseas students, there are several scholarships and grants which one can avail. The abroad educational consultancy in Nepal will help you in finding out the right course for you and if there are any available scholarships in the particular case. In addition to that, there are education loans which are extremely helpful and can emerge to be very beneficial for you.

Myth 2: Studying Abroad isn’t Safe

Most people think that cross-border students are not safe abroad but that is also a myth which is largely believed without a proof. There are some countries which are comparatively much safer than Nepal is. If you look at destinations like Canada, New Zealand and Australia, there are low crime quotients and these places offer extremely pleasant conditions to the students to live and bloom. If you have all your documents and certification with you, there is nothing you have to worry about. Your study abroad consultants in Kathmandu will help you through the documentation and certification that you need in abroad but there are no such things as cross-border students are unsafe.

Myth 3: The Relevancy of Degrees Back Home

There can be some doubts popping up in your mind if the recognition that your university has in Australia or the United States of America may not stay the same back in your country. This is where you need to know that almost all the universities have global recognition and wherever you got to, in the world, once you are done with your degree, your degree will be valued just as it is in the country where you have studied from. You can get help of abroad educational consultancy in Nepal to find out which of the universities are globally recognized and you should enrol as per that.

The list of all the myths of pursuing education abroad is almost never ending. If these are some of the myths which you had in your mind, then we hope this blog brought a little clarity to your mind.

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