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COVID-19 is a virus outbreak that has affected the world. It is mainly transmitted through the droplets of an infected person’s cough, sneezes, or exhales. There is yet to find a suitable vaccination and accurate cure for the virus outbreak. The rate of infected people was rising rapidly, hence, social distancing was the only way to stop the infected people’s rate from rising. The current scenario is such that all of us are stuck at home thinking how the COVID-19 situation has impacted different phases of life. Study abroad aspirants are the ones struck by the situation the most. It’s time for you to do some research and not believe everything you hear about the impact COVID-19 will have on overseas education.  Here are some of the myths we have busted related to abroad education amidst the Corona Virus Outbreak

  • International Universities have shut down admissions completely – Universities abroad are willing to guide their new international students about the new changes being made to ensure that the overseas students can continue to plan their master’s and graduation with an university abroad. Universities have introduced some relaxations, first year students can pay their tuition fee in installments based on merit.

In Canada, International students’ travel restrictions have been waived if their student permit is valid. Some necessary health checkups are inevitable in all walks of life during this difficult health crisis.

  • Students who have received Admission letters wouldn’t attend classes – This is a myth, since provision has been made by various countries and universities to conduct admissions online, either fully or partially. The start of fall 2020 will witness the admission of international degree programs in US, Europe, Germany and many other countries. This helps students initiate their specific course despite all the travel restrictions. The students might be presented with an option to continue their studies online or opt for a partially online and partially offline course.
  • No work permit for students taking online classes – PGWP (Post-Graduation Work Permit) program isn’t going to be affected by the mode of study of any student. Work permit will be approved for students who have their study permit issued to them for programmes commencing in fall or autumn of 2020.
  • Fellowship denied to students who are on financial aid – Several fellowship opportunities have currently been put on hold amidst the lockdown situation, but constant efforts are being made by governments to ensure the situation gets better. In the UK, Telephonic and online interviews are being considered for the students whose applications are still in process.

It is not an ideal situation or time to travel abroad. The fear of stepping out amidst this lockdown situation has monopolised our minds, but all this is temporary. The tide will settle and the sun will rise again. It is just a mere jolt and not the end of the world.

Wondering if you can combat the COVID-19 situation and come out stronger? Get in touch with our experts at Espire Education. We are your premium study abroad consultants offering online as well as offline counseling to our students who wish to study abroad. From counselling to helping you shortlist the college of your requirement, as well as guide you through your Visa process. We are also determined to offer you help when it comes to preparing for IELTS and TOEFL. Don’t let the myths and word of mouth information guide you. Be sure to check government sites for the latest updates and information.

Cinque Terre

When you’ve made the all-important decision to study in Australia, It takes careful planning and implementation to make a successful application. However more than the process itself, it is the choice of the city you intend studying in.

Australia provides immense opportunities in higher education. With innumerous colleges of high repute existing throughout cities in Australia, making a good decision could be an intimidating task. In the absence of proper information, you could end up choosing a college in a city which may not suit you in many ways. Here is a list of the 7 best cities in Australia suitable for foreign students.

  • Brisbane:- Brisbane is a favorite among foreign students wanting to study in Australia. While the city itself features a cosmopolitan nature making it easy to adapt, its educational resources are amazing by virtue of some of the most reputed universities in Australia.

Queensland University is ranked as one of the top 50 universities worldwide. It is also part of the GO8 a group of the most prestigious universities in Austrailia.Griffith University and QUT business school are also renowned and reputed venues of study in Brisbane.

  • Melbourne:- Located on the coastline, Melbourne is the most preferred choice when it comes to studying in Australia. Housing nine important universities namely Melbourne University and Monash University both part of the GO8, it also houses the prestigious Australian Catholic University a centre for nursing including IT and business studies. Deakin and Victoria universities are quite popular among Indian students too.
  • Perth:- Perth is a favorable destination of choice among Indian students. Located in Western Australia, it is well known for its variety of strong programs suitable for Indian students. With a steadfast education system, Perth’s premier university is another GO8 member being the University of Western Australia. For effective communication programs, one can also opt for the Edith Cowen University while Murdoch University is known for its strong research methods being a member of the IRU
  • Adelaide:- Adelaide as a city is an amazing place to live in. A socially oriented city with pristine beaches and interesting sights, its education system is one of the best in Australia. The University of Adelaide is also a GO8 member. Adelaide also features Flinders University an IRU member as and the University of South Australia which is a member of the ATN group.
  • Sydney:-  Sydney is distinguished enough to host 2 GO8 member universities. The University of New South Wales and the University of Sydney.

Although Sydney is one of Australia’s most expensive cities, it enjoys a large student population being home to 5 high profile universities such as Macquarie University famed for its extensive business course.

  • Canberra:- Canberra is just 3 hours away from Sydney. As the capital of Australia, Canberra is home to the most renowned universities in Australia. The Australian National University is world famous for being the best university in the southern hemisphere. The University of Canberra is listed as one of the ten best universities in Australia along with the Canberra institute of technology.

Canberra offers two distinct advantages for Indian students studying in Australia. It is the safest city in the country and also the cheapest.

  • Wollongong:- Wollongong is just 80 km away from Sydney. This makes it a great choice of venue for studying in Australia. Staying in Wollongong and living in budget accommodation, you can also enjoy Sydney without having the same expenses. Wollongong has also been voted one of the most livable places in Australia.

The University of Wollongong is ranked among the premier institutions in the country. What’s impressive about it is its high placement rates and reputation for quality research.

Top Education Consultants in Australia can help you to fulfil your dream of studying in Australia.