Couple Successfully Placed in New Zealand

Married couple with long education gap successfully placed in New Zealand with work permit for spouse.

Tarun finished his studies thirteen years ago, worked for few years and finally ran a business. Then he moved to New Zealand for two years, when his wife did her post graduation. After returning from there, Tarun wanted to do further study from New Zealand.


  • Gap in studies – There was a long gap of thirteen years in studies that was major deterrent to his admission and study visa.
  • Spouse education – His wife had already completed her PG studies from New Zealand.
  • Relevant course – Not able to find a suitable course for his studies. Visited several education fairs to find a suitable course but to no avail.
  • Grim visa chances – Since couple had already stayed in New Zealand for two years, it was not easy to get visa again. They met specialized education agents but no one was keen to take this case due to poor chances of visa.

Final Results

Successful admission in a course which is in skill shortage area – that gives higher chances of getting job in New Zealand and extra points for PR application.

Full time work permit to his spouse

How Espire Education helped

Tarun was not able to find a right way then one of their family friend suggested about Espire Education.

When we started working on his case, we found that Tarun was very clear that his studies were critical for his career expansion but he was not sure how exactly to go about it. The prime challenge was to convey his intentions to relevant authorities such as academic institutions and embassy. He wanted to choose a course that not only provides appropriate ROI but also make his future career prospective. Our admission department started exploring the courses based on his exact academic and experience background. Team also considered to pick a course from skill shortage areas so that his wife could get full time work permit while he studies. Though Tarun was very hands-on and great on his IT skills but he did not have formal qualification – and with a gap of 13 years of studies after class XII. We worked with universities to convey Tarun’s intentions and he got admission in top class university. Similarly, our visa team prepared his application to highlight his long term career planning to New Zealand High Commission. Our team also reused his earlier documents such PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) and Medicals that resulted in quick processing and less cost of visa file.

Though our team worked meticulously for making their dream true but it really became possible due to determination of Tarun and his wife, Madhu. Their patience and perseverance was commendable!

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