Study in New Zealand

Why Study in New Zealand

Globally Recognised Qualifications

The education system in New Zealand is highly rated across the world. It is quality driven, innovative, timely and student-centric. Schools and universities in New Zealand offer word-class facilities, resources, and teaching staff. The degrees awarded are internationally recognised and valued, as a result of which thousands of students have chosen New Zealand as their study destination over the years.

Strict quality checks and government accreditation

There are several government checks and controls on the education system and institutions in New Zealand. Government bodies like NZQA and NZVCC regularly audit and approve all the qualifications being conferred as well as the quality of their delivery to students.

Safe and secure environment

Since 2002, the government of New Zealand has enforced a Code of Conduct for the Pastoral Care of International Students, which lays down guidelines for the education providers and other stakeholders to follow, thereby ensuring the well-being of these students.

New Zealand has a warm, multi-cultural and tolerant society which makes it easier for foreign students to live and study here. The crime rates are amongst the lowest in the world.

Exceptional living standards

The cost of living is lower than in other similar developed countries like the US, Canada, the UK, and even the neighbouring Australia. A student pursuing a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in New Zealand will only incur half the expenses of what he would in the US or the UK. The quality of living is also very high with good healthcare, transport and recreational facilities.

English is spoken by about 98% of the population and the accent is also easy to grasp.

Good climatic conditions

New Zealand enjoys a benevolent, temperate climate. The summers are mild and the winters are cool. Kiwis are known for their love of adventure and outdoor life. You can also be a part of the healthy living that this country offers to its people.

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