Destination Preview Program

Espire encourages student to attend the Destination Preview Program before leaving India.

We are aware that study abroad needs more preparation than you think. It’s not merely about admission and visa.

We have sent many students abroad and we have got this feedback from them that it is not enough for our institute to have helped them with the admission and the visa only. They have faced a variety of problems immediately after arrival and at a later stage adapting and adjusting to life in foreign country and the totally different pattern of education.

The Problem

The real challenge starts when you leave your country, family and friends. This experience can be daunting if you and your family are not ready to deal with the challenges. Parents need to understand that they need to be in regular touch with students, keeping in mind their study schedule and time difference. Most students face the problem of loneliness and homesickness.

Students must understand that they have limited time to complete their course. They must socialize but not too much so that they neglect their studies. Projects and presentations have to follow a strict schedule; even part time jobs must not interfere with studies.

The DPP has been initiated by a team of highly qualified professionals and educators with vast and diverse in counseling, teaching and training international students at various levels. DPP contents are developed by extensive research on challenges faced by Indian students studying abroad.

The Solution

The DPP is being delivered by an expert who has traveled extensively across Europe and USA and remained a UK resident for many years. Her children have studied and stayed abroad and she has closely observed the problems faced by international students. She has taught English in the Delhi University. She holds a Master’s degree in English from Delhi University.

Ready for boom

DPP is first of its kind program.

We welcome you to join the program and get prepared!

Because you deserve to be SUCCESSFUL!!!

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