Top 5 Hottest Destinations to Study Abroad

5-Hottest-Destinations-to-study-abroadWant to Study Abroad? Here are top 5 Hottest Destinations to Study Abroad!

If you want to explore the endless options to study abroad, consider various career opportunities and travel the world while doing it, you are reading the right article! We have done vast research on the countries all over the world and have selected the top ones for you. Our team has shortlisted these countries on the basis of various parameters, which includes education system of the country, majorly spoken language, quality of living, cost effectiveness and global reputation of their institutes/universities.

So here are the top 5 countries in the world for pursuing higher studies abroad-

United States of America

USA isn’t called the land of opportunities for no reason! Here’s why it is considered as one of the hottest destinations for higher studies –

  • Academic excellence and quality assurance of the U.S. universities are their main USP. If you have a degree from an accredited U.S. university, consider yourself a favourite commodity of the employers from all part of the world!
  • The method of teaching in the U.S. is designed to imbibe various positive qualities in a students, which includes self-confidence, independent thinking and cross-cultural communication skills
  • Scholarships, fellowships and apprenticeships are availed to the International students and they are also allowed to work part time during studies
  • The kind of support system U.S. offers to the international students is unparalleled. They help a student to get accustomed with new environment and the culture.

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, also known as the Great Britain and the Land of Rose, is one of the most loved destinations for higher studies for all the right reasons. Here are some of the benefits it offers –

  • The country offers a vibrant and multi-ethnic culture and is considered as the best multi-lingual and cosmopolitan places in the world. The thing that people from all part of the world like about the UK is that there is no racial discrimination whatsoever
  • It has the oldest established educational system which is still prevailing globally. Degrees from the universities of the UK are recognized and esteemed worldwide
  • In the UK, you get to explore various industries to start a career with
  • Studying here is more economic in comparison to Canada and USA
  • Students can start earning early with short duration courses

New Zealand

New Zealand’s education system provides countless benefits to the International students. Attractive and motivating academic environment is the USP of the NZ –

  • New Zealand is a youth centric place as it is the youngest country on earth
  • high standard of education and living conditions make it one of the most popular destinations among the students
  • The day to day language of the Kiwis is English, which makes it much easier for the international students to communicate.
  • The Legatum Institute, London, has rated New Zealand as the Number 1 place in the world for education
  • New Zealand is the only country that provides two job search visas to international students
  • Married students are welcomed in NZ


Apart from great climate, Canada is also famous for its education system and the quality of life it offers. Following are the reasons why you should chose Canada for Higher Studies

  • Canada houses numerous internationally renowned institutes that offer wide array of courses, ranging from marine biology to accountancy. Students can also opt for an additional language course alongside their main degree or diploma
  • The healthcare system of Canada is impeccable and also, it is one of the safest countries to live in.
  • Cost of living and cost of education are one of the lowest as compared to any other English speaking nation
  • Every year, more than 150,000 international students migrate to Canada for higher studies
  • Despite of having one of the lowest cost of living, Canada offers one of the highest standards for quality of life in the world as mentioned by the United Nations


Australia, the land down under, is a beautiful country which offers some magnificent benefits to the International students. Here are some of them-

  • Degrees from Australian Universities are recognized world wide
  • Australia provides flexible path career options with a  variety of courses to choose
  • Australia offers Intensive vocational courses through TAFE colleges
  • Australian Universities have high reputation all over the world

If you have the zest to go abroad and explore the abundant career opportunities, just select your favorite destination and give us a call!

Here are some other important aspects, which you should keep in mind while selecting the country where you want to pursue your higher studies.

Country Part time work permit Work permit Can Spouse Work PR (Permanent Residency)
Australia for 20 or 40 hours depend on course level during course and full time in vacation 2/ 3 or 4 years depend on course level Can work Possible & point based
New Zealand Upto 20 hours depend on course level during course and full time in vacation Upto 1 year job search visa Can work in higher course levels Possible & point based with some conditions
Canada Upto 20 hours  during course and full time in vacation Upto 3 years or equal to length of course Full time Possible, point based, different rules in each province
UK Upto 20 hours  in higher level courses during course and upto full time in vacation Can work in higher course levels Possible after staying in UK for 5 years on work permit
USA Upto 20 hours  in higher level courses during course and upto full time in vacation Can stay for one year under OPT Green Card can be filled

To know everything about the hottest destinations for higher studies, check out this link

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