Popular Cities for Study in Australia

Popular Cities for Study in Australia

Australia is the third most popular international study destination in the world, and that is a glowing testament to the academic quality and infrastructure of a country that is home to only 23 million people.

It’s a big country though (or a small continent, if you prefer), with many world-class cities vying for the attention of international students. In fact, five of the 30 best student cities in the world are located in Australia.

It is also a very popular destination with Indian students, with their numbers expected to rise seeing as the Australian government is set to introduce a simpler student visa regime . If you want to sample the study abroad experience, Australia has a lot to offer you – top-notch facilities, multicultural environment, a vibrant lifestyle, and a great learning atmosphere. Listed here are the most popular cities for study in this stunningly beautiful country, and what they offer to international students.


Sydney Popular Cities for Study in Australia Popular Cities for Study in Australia Sydney
Rated as the third best city in the world to live in and the sixth best for students, Sydney is home to some of the best universities in Australia, such as the University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales.

It is a great place to study business (being the no. 1 investment destination in Australia), arts (what with a vibrant arts and culture scene), technology, and healthcare.

Good student accommodation is easy to find as Sydney is home to many international students. Cost of living, however, is high, but the good news is that part-time jobs are not difficult to come by.


Melbourne Popular Cities for Study in Australia Popular Cities for Study in Australia Melbourne
The cultural capital of Australia is second on the popularity list for students from across the world.

This city is an art lover’s delight, full of museums and galleries, live music scene, quirky cafes and bars, imposing Victorian architecture, and a very vibrant multicultural aesthetic. Melbourne has got better living standards and a lower cost of living than Sydney.

The University of Melbourne is the top-ranked university in Australia. Other popular universities include Monash University, RMIT, and Victoria University.

Those with nursing, accounting, languages, or arts on their mind should definitely consider looking at a university in Melbourne.

(Note: Attacks on Indian students over the past few years have allegedly mostly taken place in dodgy areas in late hours in the night. The locals blame this on unwary students venturing out late in unsafe areas. So if you’re thinking of moving to Sydney, Melbourne, or any other city not just in Australia but in the world, make it a point to watch out for your own safety. Avoid high-crime areas, travel in groups, and if possible don’t venture out late in the night at all.)


Brisbane Popular Cities for Study in Australia Popular Cities for Study in Australia Brisbane
A high student-to-general population ratio makes this relaxed and laid-back city quite student-friendly. Indians and many other South Asians will feel right at home here due to its tropical climate. Brisbane is home to many universities, including University of Queensland, Griffith University, and Queensland University of Technology, all three of which feature in QS World University Rankings. These are among Australia’s best and are great places to study almost anything – law, medicine, biotechnology, business, or IT.


Perth Popular Cities for Study in Australia Popular Cities for Study in Australia Perth
Australia’s “Education City” is home to five universities that are regarded as “peak learning institutions in the country”. It follows then that Perth contains the best of what Australia has to offer in terms of higher studies and the overall student experience. Excellent quality of life, a laid-back pace, thousands of miles away from the hustle and bustle of places like Sydney and Melbourne, Perth is ideal for those who like to immerse themselves in high-quality studies in a quiet but fantastic environment. The flip side being that you could be far away from the hubs of activity and employment in Australia.


Canberra Popular Cities for Study in Australia Popular Cities for Study in Australia Canberra
A three-hour drive from Sydney, the Australian capital is home to top tertiary institutions in the country – Australian National University (ranked no. 1 in the southern hemisphere), University of Canberra (a top ten Australian university), and Canberra Institute of Technology (“the region’s largest vocational education and training provider”). The cost of living is comparatively low and Canberra happens to be among the safest cities in Australia.


Adelaide Popular Cities for Study in Australia Popular Cities for Study in Australia Adelaide
Another vibrant, multicultural and an excellent study destination, and home to University of Adelaide, University of Western Australia, and Flinders University. Adelaide is affordable, friendly, and contains strong student support services, which makes it a top pick among international students. The city’s universities are great places to study anything, but medicine, arts, research, engineering, and technology happen to be the most sought after courses here.


Australia is full of excellent choices. If anything, the problem here would be that of plenty. We recommend you choose a few universities you would like to study at, arrive at a budget range, and find out whose criteria you suit the best. Research the cities as they will all have their pros and cons for you. The ultimate decision lies with you, but if you do get confused, don’t hesitate to contact a higher education consultant for professional advice.

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