Planning to study in Australia/NZ or USA/Canada post 12th grade?


Did you know that there is a common dream that most of you share? No, it is not owning an exclusive pent house one day or buying an expensive sports car with your own money. However, we all as teenagers dream of flying to a different country some day and studying there. Studying abroad is one such experience that every teenager wants to have in his/her life.

Looking at the various types of career opportunities and lifestyle abroad there remains no query as to why study in a foreign country? But, have you yet decided where would you like to go for your Bachelors after 12th?

Here is a brief account of the most preferred places to study abroad. So, if you are planning to study in Australia/NZ or USA/Canada post 12th grade, here is what you can expect:

North America Education and Australasia Education

Many students from around the world head to North America for their graduation and post-graduation. Better known for moulding the students well and helping them move forward in the right direction, North American institutions provide education that creates value.

On the other hand, Australasia is a beautiful place where studying and gaining knowledge is many students’ dream. Their education system is said to be globally recognized and possesses extraordinary academic standards. What works as an added advantage of studying in Australia and New Zealand is the PR opportunity. If you tend you stay in these countries for a particular period for your education, you might be the lucky one to get a permanent resident visa.


Benefits of studying in USA and Canada-

  • Renowned universities and institutions
  • Wide range of educational courses
  • Degree holds value worldwide
  • Modern technology

Benefits of studying in Australia and New Zealand-

  • Safe and friendly
  • Limited political unrest
  • Large variety of universities and institutions
  • students get to pursue their interests as there is a wide array of courses available

Career opportunities and lifestyle

World famous colleges and universities like Harvard University, MIT, Stanford University, Berklee School of Music, Julliard and West Point provide a lot of career opportunities to international students in North America. North Americans lead a rich lifestyle which endows an opportunity to a common man to live the great American dream. They respect people around them and living in such surroundings is a boon.

With resilient international standards and efficient structure the Australian education system is well known for its innovative strategy improvements. students studying in Australasia become creative and independent thinkers with time. There are 43 universities in Australia alone out of which 26 feature in the top 700. The lifestyle is something that excites most of the international students willing to study there. Also, student rights are protected by law in both Australia and New Zealand which makes studying there an excellent experience.

Study Cost

As per a study conducted in 2013, the expense of studying and living in North America is approximately around $35,000 annually. On the other hand, it is slightly more expensive in Australasia with the cost going around $38,000 per year.

Indian students

According to the same study, as the Australasia region is more expensive than North America, Indian students prefer studying in North America. 60% of them chose North America over Australasia in 2013 for pursuing their graduation courses. However, if money is not an issue, Australia and New Zealand are great places to study post 12th grade.

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Shahina Khan has more than 16 years of experience in higher education consultancy. She is recipient of multiple awards and renowned expert for international education, visa and culture. Ms. Khan continually explores new study destinations for Indian & South Asian students, and works on promotional strategies with a number of trusted institutions of higher education in various countries.

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  1. I have done my post graduate(Computer Science) in 2008. I have 2 years of experience in BPO industry. Is there any opportunity for me to go abroad for study or work in next 6 months? pls suggest me the best way..thanks.

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