Misconception about SPP: student Visa system in Canada

spp canada student visa Misconception about SPP: student Visa system in Canada Misconception about SPP: student Visa system in Canada canada spp


There is so much of curiosity as well as confusion in students around SPP visa system, who are planning for higher studies abroad. This article will help students to undesrstand SPP visas more clearly.

In simple language SPP – Student Partners Program – is a structure for the processing of the student visa application by the Canadian High Commission. SPP visa applications have less processing time due to its structure. In SPP, participating institutions also have the responsibility of selecting the right candidate and be responsible to ensure student compliance with the terms of their study permits.

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Common myths about SPP.

•             Student visa is guaranteed under SPP

•             I cannot get visa if I do not apply under SPP

•             visas are not granted under general visa category

•             SPP institutions are more authentic than the other institutions

•             Only SPP colleges are good colleges

•             Only SPP colleges can give me good job opportunities

•             I will get better part time jobs if I am studying at SPP college

•             I will get work permit only if I study at SPP college

•             I will get better jobs in Canada after studies if I have studied at SPP college

•             I will get PR easily if I study at SPP college

•             I cannot apply for visa again if I am rejected under SPP

All of this has nothing to do with realities :-) Misconception about SPP: student Visa system in Canada Misconception about SPP: student Visa system in Canada simple smile

You must be clear that no discrimination happens with the students who apply under general or university category.

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290 thoughts on “Misconception about SPP: student Visa system in Canada

  1. mostly students r refused for student visa in jan intake from ahd in my group mostlyr refused out of 15 only 3 has got visa what happen to candadian embassy cant understand

  2. I got reject under SSP reason stated education gap,employment language ability , my back ground 3 yr work exp, 10 th 61.06 % 12th 65% bcom 74% mcom 48% ielts 6.5 no band below 6.I have applied under general category wht chance do i have getting student visa????

  3. Dear,
    i have completed my graduation in English Literature under national university . i would like to go canada for higher studies. My ielts score is 6 (r-5.5, w-6, l-6.5, s-6). Can i go there. Pls reply me.


  4. i got ielts 2nd time 6 with no band less than 5.5 & for betterment purpose i had written 3rd time i got 5.5 only .. i ‘m applying visa with ielts 6 with for canada ssp colleges is any problems i should face for visa ?

  5. Hello,
    I am Planning to go for pg diploma in canada for jan intake.
    I am not eligible for Masters as i m having less than 70% in b.tech.
    are the job oppurtunities good for pg students also?? I will be going to college not university.

    and can I also apply for masters after 2 years of pg course??/

  6. Hello,
    i already visited two times canada & my multientry visa is still on. should i apply student visa under ssp without loan senction letter. as i have suffient fund.

  7. I have passed diploma in mechanical in may 2010 after that i did one year jon. Now i got 5.5 (l-6,r-5 s-5.5, nd w-4.5) i want to go australia for diploma leading to degree. Shoul i apply or not? Plz rply

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