MBA in Singapore:Info on List of management universities and colleges,Ranking,Admission Procedure,Eligibility,Fee,Cost,MBA with without work experience/gmat,Visa

Singapore (A Cosmopolitan Destination)

Singapore has become a dynamic destination for International Students. It being a cleanest and safest country with a vibrant lifestyle has attracted not just the tourists but also the Students.

MBA in Singapore:Info on List of management universities and colleges,Ranking,Admission Procedure,Eligibility,Fee,Cost,MBA with without work experience/gmat,Visa singapore banner

Why study MBA from Singapore (Benefits & Advantages)?

·         Singapore is  a Hub of Business in Asia

·         Almost 7000 MNC’s have their head office in Singapore

·         Growing constantly at a rate of more than 5% with high employment rates

·         A Multicultural Nation with a High Quality of Life 

·         Immigrants are welcome to play a role in its economic development

·         Application for PR (Permanent Residency) is processed only in 71 days

·         The cost of education and living is comparatively lower than that of other countries

·         Currently more than 80,000 international students from more than 120 countries are studying in Singapore

·         Excellent universities and Colleges that offer MBA programs

·         Options available without GMAT

·         Options available without work experience

·         Fast track MBA possible

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List of top colleges and universities that offer MBA in Singapore with duration and fees



Tuition Fees

Work experience required

National University of Singapore (NUS)

17 months

52,000 S $

2 years work experience

Nanyang Institute of Management

 15 months

50,000 S $

2 years managerial work experience

INSEAD Business School

10 months

56,000 S $

2 years managerial work experience

Singapore Management University

12 months


2 Years work experience

Singapore Institute of Management

 24 months

29,350S $ per year

3-5 years work experience

James Cook University (Degree of UWIC, UK is awarded)

12 months

28,000 S $

 Work experience not required

East Asia Institute of Management (EASB) Degree awarded is of UWIC

18 months

26,800 S $ per year

 work experience  not required

PSB (Degree awarded is of New Castle University, Australia)

12 months

26,964 S $

work experience not required

Dimensions International College (Degree awarded is of Concordia University, USA)

 15 months

19,800 S $

 Work experience not required

Kaplan International College

 16 months

21,000 S $

 Work experience not required

Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS), Degree awarded is of University of Wales

15 months

23,500 S $ per year

 Work experience not required

Amity Global Business School (Degree awarded is of Anglia Ruskin University)

12 months

11,500 S $

2 years managerial work experience



What are major intakes in MBA programs in Singapore?

January, March, July and October

Is there any ranking for Singapore MBAs

There is no as such official ranking in Singapore. All the above mentioned universities and colleges are well recognized and reputed internationally.

What are popular specializations of MBA in Singapore?

These are popular streams for doing MBA in Singapore:

·         General MBA

·         Accountancy

·         Finance

·         Marketing

·         International Business

·         Executive MBA (For those having more work experience)

What are general eligibility criteria for getting admission in MBAs in Singapore?

The only eligibility criteria for getting admission in MBA in Singapore is a bachelors degree from a reputed university. Some of the universities may also require GMAT or/and work experience.

What are admission procedures for international students?

I nitially students need to send complete application form along with all the documents such as: academic transcripts, a strong SOP, LOR, copy of passport and other documents as required by the University. This application needs to be compiled together in a proper manner.

If application gets selected, you will get an offer letter.

Fee is paid after receiving the offer letter. Health insurance is mandatory for studying in Singapore.

Then prepare he documents required for Study Permit, but the study permit is applied in Singapore by the institution.

Is it possible to get admission in good MBA College in Singapore without work experience?

Yes, there are many good colleges in Singapore where work experience is not required. These include James Cook University, EASB, Dimensions International College, MDIS, Kaplan International College and PSB. The colleges offer degrees from some highly reputed internationally recognized universities as mentioned in the table above.

Is it possible to get admission in good MBA College in Singapore without GMAT?

Yes, there are many universities and colleges which do not require GMAT. MBA school for admission look for overall profile that includes academics and past achievements.

Are English tests such as IELTS/TOFEL/PTE necessary to get admission in MBA in Singapore?

No. IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE is not a mandatory requirement for getting admission in MBA in Singapore. These can be waived off if the student has good English or his medium of instruction is English in the last qualifying examination.

Compare English tests scores here.

Are scholarships available for international MBA students?

Yes, scholarships are provided to international MBA students depending on the academic background and financial background of the student.  If students aiming for scholarships then they must plan in advance and give sufficient time to prepare application for MBA programs.

What is the best program for me? I need more information for choosing my course.

Please send your details at or register free here. We would be glad to help you finding your dream program.

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What is visa processing time for international students?

4 to 6 working weeks

Can I work Part time while studying in Singapore?

Part time work permit is only allowed to students studying in Government Universities for 16 hrs per week.

Can I work in Singapore after the completion of my studies? What is the procedure?

Yes you can. After completion of studies, students having a university qualification are granted an Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate (EPEC). This makes them eligible to stay in Singapore for 1 year to search a job. Once you get a job you will get work permit.

How can I get a PR in Singapore?

In order to get a PR you have to file an application. Processing for PR takes not more than 71 days.

How can I need more information for visa and related information?

Please send your specific query at and we will revert as soon as possible to answer your query.

Good Luck in your preparation!

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