How to apply student visa for Australia

Student Visa for Australia How to apply student visa for Australia How to apply student visa for Australia Student 20Visa 20for 20Australia

Australia is one of the most sought after country among students for higher studies. After a long time Australia has opened gates for international students. Australia has a large number of top notch and high ranking Universities and Colleges, which are a dream for many students aiming for studying abroad. Under new visa rules and regulations, it is important that students understand each requirement clearly to avoid visa rejection. Another important aspect is to convey your intentions clearly. It is always better to take help from an expert while filing visa.

We hope you will find this information useful for preparing visa documentation. Don’t forget to look at common questions in end :-) How to apply student visa for Australia How to apply student visa for Australia simple smile

IELTS requirement

5.0 or higher

Please note that IELTS score requirement may vary for different courses. You must check details before applying.

Living Expenses required for Australian student visa

AUD 18,610/year

For family –

AUD 6,515.00/year for spouse.

AUD 3,720/year first child and AUD 2,790/year for other children.

Work Permit in Australia during studies

40 hours per fortnight part time and full time during vacation

Work Permit in Australia after studies

Up to 4 years of Automatic Work Permit after completing Degree

Course Level Work Permit during Study Period Work Permit during Vacation Work Permit after Studies 
Diploma 40hrs/ fortnight Full Time Nil
Degree Under Graduate & Post Graduate(coursework) 40hrs/ fortnight Full Time 2 years
Masters by research 40hrs/ fortnight Full Time 3 years
PhD 40hrs/ fortnight Full Time 4 years

Work Permit for spouse

Vocational Diploma or Bachelor Degree student Spouse – 40 hours/ fortnight throughout the year

Family members of the students (enrolled through subclass 573/ 574) – Unlimited hours

visa Requirement

In order to obtain a visa of Australia, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant)
  • Finances to support education and living expenses
  • English score (IELTS/ PTE/ Cambridge Advance/ TOEFL)
  • Good academics

Processing fees

AUD 5350.00 (INR 30,500)

Permanent Residency (PR)

PR is possible in Australia if the student scores 65 points

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What is the process of getting a student visa of Australia?

Australia now issues a Paper visa which is also called Label Free visa which means that you receive a letter from Australian High Commission which works as visa and you travel with the print out of the letter.

Step 1 : Organize your admission letter from university

Step 2 : Pay your tuition Fees for COE which is Confirmation of Enrollment(remember to cross check COE duration)

Step 3 : Fill forms and organize your documents as per visa checklist

Step 4 : Apply for visa

Is there any covering letter required for student visa application for Australia?

No. But you need to give Statement of Purpose and Financial Declaration letter.

What documents are needed according to the Australia study visa checklist?

The documents required are – SOP, Copy of passport, IELTS score card, COE(s), all academic documents, work experience and recommendation letters, proof of funds, photographs, visa fees, and visa application form.

Note: Appropriate document arrangement is important. We strongly recommend lodging of visa application under the supervision of an expert.

What are the interview questions asked by the embassy for Australian visa?

The usual questions that visa officers ask are related to course, university, academic & professional background and future plans.  The students might also be asked questions about their stay in Australia. See more

students need to well prepare for the telephonic interview and have very clear information on above points. Visa officers have very limited time and many student visa gets rejected because of lack of preparation. So prepare well!

If a visa for Australia is rejected once, can a student apply again for it?

Yes. While making second application, please make sure that visa file is complete.

What is the difference between e-visa and paper visa?

e-visa is filed by electronic means whereas for a paper visa the application has to be lodged in paper to the embassy. For an e-visa the follow up is done from Adelaide, in case of a paper visa the follow up can be done in the local office.

Which is better, e visa or a paper visa?

There is no such difference even the processing time is same. These are different methods of submitting the visa application and it has no other difference what so ever.

Does a paper visa require more documentation?

No. There is no difference in documentation in case of e visa and paper visa. In e-visa the documents have to be sent by e mail while in paper visa the documents have to be sent in paper form. There are myths created around this difference so be careful.

Is there any automatic post study work permit in Australia?


How can I get PR (Permanent residency) in Australia?

Australian PR is a point based system.

PR can be applied if candidate is able to score 65 points after studying 2 years in Australia. These points depend on your age, qualifications, work experience, state sponsorship and several other factors.

The other important aspect is improvement in the student’s level of English during stay in Australia as students need to achieve IELTS 7.0 band before applying for PR to score points for their english language skill.

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