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Australian Government announced on 22 September 2011 a suite of measures to enhance the competitiveness of Australia‘s international education sector. One of them is the implementation of GTE. The GTE requirement was introduced on 5 November 2011 and will help improve the integrity of the student visa program.

Question: Who is a genuine student?

Answer: Genuine student is someone who has real intentions to study only and who intends to obtain an educational degree from an Australian education provider. Factors that are considered under the existing requirement to be a genuine applicant for entry and study as a student include: English language proficiency; financial capacity; prerequisite schooling; age requirements; and intention to comply with visa conditions. There are no changes planned to the genuine student requirement.

Question: What is GTE?

Answer: Genuine Temporary Entrant- Australian Embassy is inviting applications of those students who have genuine intentions to study only with excellent English and who are clear on their future prospects. Embassy is looking for students who fulfil following criteria’s of GTE:

  • The applicant’s circumstances in their home country
  • The applicant’s potential circumstances in Australia
  • The value of the course to the applicant’s future
  • The applicant’s immigration history
  • Any other relevant matters

Question: Why has GTE requirement has been implemented?

Answer: GTE requirement has been implemented such that only quality students get visa whose primary intention is to study  and students who have intentions to study and want to stay in Australia on temporary basis.

Question: Who all come under GTE requirement?

Answer: GTE applies to all applicants including subsequent dependents and student guardians. GTE applies to all streamlined applications. GTE requires that students have a genuine intention to stay in Australia temporarily.

Question: Will Student visa becomes harder under GTE requirement?

Answer: No student visa does not become harder, infact it is a step towards scrutinising the quality applications whose main motive is gaining quality education. Under GTE student will have to be very clear of their future plans and motive of staying in Australia.

Question: which visa is required for GTE students?

Answer: The GTE requirement applies to all student visa subclasses.

Following are some examples which will be considered for GTE requirement:

  • Student who have a sound reason of undertaking similar studies in Australia and not in home country
  • Personal ties of the student in home country. How strong is his financial condition in the home country and whether that would serve as a reason to return to home country
  • Economic circumstances of the applicant that would present as a significant incentive for the applicant not to return to their home country. This may include consideration of the applicant’s circumstances relative to the home country and to Australia.
  • The applicant’s knowledge of living in Australia and their intended course of study and the associated education provider; including previous study and qualifications, an applicant could be expected to know and the level of research the applicant has undertaken into their proposed course of study and living arrangements.
  • Course which the student has chosen is relevant to the previous studies and whether this will help the student in getting employment opportunities in home country.
  • If student has got any previous rejections whether in Australia or in any other country.

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  1. Dear sir
    I have passed my bachelor of arts in dec2011 n after that i am doing job in private i have decided to apply for study visa in Australia and i have 6 bands in Ielts L=6.5 W=6 S=6 R=5.5.i want to apply for master of arts or humanities.I have 67% marks in BA.Do i have chances for visa?

  2. Sir,i was offered admission for masters,after paying my tuition and health cover, just a day i lodged my visa application i was instructed that my campus will not offer the course for the next period that i should choose another campus,now other campus their tuition is a beat higher than the one that chooses before so if i chose another campus i will pay another money and new coe will be issued to me,should i withdraw my visa application or should i wait to get the new offer and coe and update the embassy,thank you

  3. i have done my +2 with 54% marks in commerse stream in the year 2012 and i get overall 5.5 band in ielts 6listening.5.5speaking,5.5writing and5.5 in reading so i can apply for australia how many chances to get visa

  4. Hi, I have completed Bachelor in Management in 2010. I have 3 yrs gap. My score is 48.5%. My IELTS is 5.5. Now I am working. I want to study in Australia. I want to study Master in Accounting. I want to do SVP. Am I a GTE student? Please advise me. Can I get the visa?

  5. Please I want to study in australia and move course will take about 5 years.will tthis GTE disturb my plans to move?

  6. Hi Iam an Indian. Iam 34 years now. Iwould like to move australia by student visa. My sister is working there .What are the possibilities? I have 5.6 band ielts score .Please reply me

  7. hi there,

    i am an english citizen – assesment level one and applying for a VET advanced business diploma studying in melbourne.

    I have already been accepted into the school of my choice and have been issued a letter of confirmed enrollment for me to begin my visa application.

    Issues are: i stayed in australia for two working holiday visas and then applied for a defacto visa with my partner, we broke up and the visa got refused (not cancelled etc) and i left the country without appealing.

    I am now looking to study as i said back i melbourne, however the man i will be living iwth is an australian citizen and i am worried that the immi board will think i am not within GTE guidlines as they may thin i am using study to get back into aus to be with my new partner (even though we currently live together in NZ) pleas ehelp what do you think my chances are and what can i do to back up my application so less chance of refusal?

    1. We would suggest you to firstly check with High Commisson whether you any exclusion period on your status or not. If yes, then you would not be able to apply for the Visa till your exclusion period gets over.

  8. i have lodge my file on 7th may…but till now no reply from AHC….my elicos classes is already started from 30th may….dont know wat to do……can i call or mail to AHC. or wait for some more time?

  9. Sir,my name is sanjay and i have completed my BBA on 2011,due to my family problems i was unable to do any i hav decided to apply for a student visa for australia and pursue a diploma in Occupational health.and safety management(OHS).plz suggest me a good institute whecre i can applyand is this a goodstep i have taken toward a good future.I want to study and work in the safety feild in australia.plz suggest me a good proffesional course if you have in ur mind.I have a nill work experience and i want to give a start to my paused career after 2years. thanks Sanjay.

      1. Hi sir my name suman i m indian I don the 10+2 last year with 75%marks with nonmedicl ad after. Don the ilts with5.5 band my score is w.5.5 ad,L.6 ad,speaking 5.5 ad,reading5.5 so sir can I aply spouse study viza in Australia .

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