ESOS Guidelines for international students in Australia

Australia is one of the quality conscious country when it comes to Education. Here you will find teaching of internationally renowned quality matched with one of the world’s finest student support system and a superb living environment. There are many Standards and Norms which are made by Australian Government for making the world class Education system and ESOS act is just one of them.


What is ESOS?

Australian Government has made some set laws to protect the rights of international students, these laws are combined together to form Education Services for Overseas students or ESOS framework. This type of unique structure is only found in Australia where student is well protected.


Why is ESOS required?

ESOS was first enacted in year 2000 with the aim of consumer protection of overseas students.

ESOS framework is design to ensure that international students receive high quality education without being misguided neither by course provider nor Agent. It is extremely helpful to them in many ways.


What’s the benefit of ESOS?

Following are the rights of ESOS framework which are given to international students. Let’s do it in FAQ format, common questions which come into the mind of students when they plan to study abroad.


Common questions on ESOS

What will happen if my visa is rejected? Will my fees by refundable?

If your visa is rejected then yes Tuition fees is refundable. Education provider will also refund student’s fees if they are unable to teach that course in which student was enrolled OR they will provide placement to them in alternative course. This law is also known as CONSUMER PROTECTION.


How will I come to know if the Institution is genuine or not?   

Overseas students must choose Institution which is registered on CRICOS- Commonwealth Register of Institution and Courses for overseas students. Institutions which are registered on CRICOS are of high quality standards and follow the laws laid down by ESOS. 


Is there a possibility if Education provider can misguide me? How can I trust them?

Student has the right to get correct information about college/Universities fees structure, entry requirements, study mode and other relevant information from education agent and provider before he/she starts the enrolment process. Every student should be given written agreement by Education Provider in which everything should be stated clearly about refund policies, fees structure and services to be provided. It should be signed before the payment of fees.


What if I want to change the college or change the course after reaching Australia?

Yes, Student must provide a letter stating that he is willing to take a transfer to Institution. This process is not easy and it is recommended that students must select and appropriate course and institution before hand.


Will visa be a problem if my accommodation arrangements are not made in advance, I am below 18 years?

If you are under 18 years of age then visa will granted only if your accommodation arrangements has been made.


ESOS has many laws, is there any responsibility of student?

If ESOS have some laws and rights toward overseas students then students also have some responsibilities which are laid down by ESOS to strengthen their safety.


·         Overseas student must satisfy the student visa condition

·         Follow Education Provider’s attendance policy religiously

·         Maintain your OSHC – Overseas Health Cover for the period of your stay

·         Inform Education Provider of change in address

·         Follow the term and conditions of the Agreement which you have signed

·         If you are under 18 years of age never leave country until and unless your Accommodation is booked


This is just a glimpse of what ESOS and how it is beneficial for International students. Australian Government is always committed to improve their education system and to make impact on careers of international students.


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