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Top 7 Australian Cities for Indian Students Studying Abroad

Top 7 Australian Cities for Indian Students Studying Abroad

When you’ve made the all important decision to study in Australia, It takes careful planning and implementation to make a successful application. However more than the process itself, it is the choice of city you intend studying in. Australia provides immense opportunities in higher education. With innumerous colleges of high repute existing throughout cities in Australia, making a good decision could be an intimidating task. In absence of proper information, you could end up choosing a college in a city which may not suit you in many ways. Here is a list of the 7 best cities of Australia suitable Continue Reading →

Top Colleges for Hospitality in New Zealand

Top colleges for hospitality in New Zealand

New Zealand, house to mesmerizing natural wonders and a perfect getaway for adventure junkies is a beautiful tourist destination. And, the quality of freshly produced eatables along with the flourishing wine industry makes the country a famous study abroad option for students willing to be a part of the hospitality sector. Many well-known universities and colleges in New Zealand offer courses in fields such as hospitality and hotel management as well as programs in professional chef practice and cookery. Students can choose from a wide array of certificate and diploma level courses that concentrate on providing students with practical training Continue Reading →

Education and Career in Pharmacy in Canada

Pharmacy Education   The education in Pharmacy cover the study of various aspects relating to health, nursing, oral sciences, pathology, dental sciences, dietetics, clinical laboratory, general psychology, medical technology and the role of technologists, managing care, community health and preventive medicines etc. depending upon the selected course. The education in Pharmacy often involves both coursework and clinical experience. The students gain clinical experience through internships, which they choose to opt in their desired field. Apart from meeting different course requirements, students also need to appear in examination conducted by Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC). The degrees are accredited by Continue Reading →