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Top Colleges for Hospitality in New Zealand

Top colleges for hospitality in New Zealand

New Zealand, house to mesmerizing natural wonders and a perfect getaway for adventure junkies is a beautiful tourist destination. And, the quality of freshly produced eatables along with the flourishing wine industry makes the country a famous study abroad option for students willing to be a part of the hospitality sector. Many well-known universities and colleges in New Zealand offer courses in fields such as hospitality and hotel management as well as programs in professional chef practice and cookery. Students can choose from a wide array of certificate and diploma level courses that concentrate on providing students with practical training Continue Reading →

Study Abroad Opportunities for Doctors and Health Professionals

Study Abroad Opportunities for Doctors and Health Professionals

Australia is a great place to study medicine and healthcare, with world class facilities and a vast number of courses and specialisations on offer. But making a switch from one country to another in the field of healthcare is never straightforward. To begin with, there are registration bodies involved and one has to look at all the criteria in great detail. Second, Indian medical qualifications are assessed differently abroad, including in Australia. And third, the Australian education model is different to ours, and even within Australia various models of medical education exist. So it’s important to understand those models to Continue Reading →

Education and Career in Hospitality Management

What is Hospitality Management? Hospitality Management is a branch of knowledge that studies various aspects of hospitality industry and their management. It teaches students how to run hotels, restaurants, food service companies, managing travel and tourism, event management and other related businesses. Why Hospitality Management? Above all your interest matters. If you love being among people and have initial hospitality skills, then your study and work both become easy and fun. It enhances your etiquettes and skills to meet and serve people as per their desires, which also add to your versatility.