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Importance and necessity of taking spouse and family along with

You can take your spouse and kids to Canada during your studies. It is observed that married students are able to focus better on their studies while their spouse is with them. You need to plan very well about your personal expenses for tuition and living plus additional money for your spouse expenses. If you have limited budget you are advised to go alone as it adds additional financial stress if your financial expenses are not met well.  Some of the frequently asked questions regarding family visas for Canada are mentioned below. We hope it is helpful for your processing.

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Can my spouse get a visa to accompany me to Canada while I am studying in Canada?
Yes, Spouses of foreign students who have a valid study permit may apply for a work permit or visitor visa to accompany.

Can my spouse work full time?

Yes, spouses of foreign students may apply for a work permit either before or after entering Canada. If you choose to do so after entering Canada and you are from India, Nepal, or Bhutan, you will need to apply for and obtain a valid visitor visa before entering Canada.

What will be the duration  of my spouse visa?

Duration of the spouse visa depends on the many parameters including available funds to support the living expenses during the stay, family background etc.

What is the basic requirement to get student spouse visa and how much time does it take for processing of an application?

The basic spouse visa requirements are strong financial background, genuine citizen, relevant educational  category ( if applying under work permit ), able to prove relationship with the student in Canada. It takes approximately 2-3 weeks for processing the visa application which includes application submission, verifications of documentation and interview to make a final decision.

Why an explanation letter is required for applying under spouse work permit Canada?

An explanation letter is the must to know the intention and purpose of visit to Canada. Whether the applicant is applying as a visitor or as a worker a letter explaining the accompany reason is must. This letter is considered as one of the important document to finalize a case.

What are the chances of getting Canada spouse immigration?

It depends on yours and your spouse qualification.

How much fund is required for a Canada spouse visa or spouse and child accompanying student in Canada?

It  depends upon the cost  of the course the student has chosen , cost of living ,whether the student is accompanied by only spouse or spouse and child plus duration of stay in Canada.

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