Best Tips for doing PhD from Australia

Answers of most common questions students need to find for doing PhD in Australia

Why do a PhD in Australia?

Australian universities are known for quality research and ranked among some of the best universities in the world. They maintain an international standard of research facilities that bring excellence in research output and subsequently future opportunities for career growth.

What are the career opportunities after PhD from Australia?

A PhD naturally opens the door for further research and academic career. Apart from this, the skills acquired during PhD, such as, strategic planning, critical and scientific thinking, time management, team management and leadership skills can be applied in various fields, such as, consulting, media, government and non-government organizations, industry relevant to the field of research. It is noted that various industries with well developed laboratories are hire more PhDs than simple graduates.

A PhD is the highest educational qualification which certainly brings a well paid job and an access to highly educated and qualified people and contacts.

What is the eligibility for PhD study in Australia?

Basic requirement for PhD particularly for Indian students include a master’s degree for a recognized university. Higher academic grades help in acquiring scholarship for PhD.

What is the duration of PhD studies in Australia?

PhD program is usually of 3 years of duration in Australia. Usually it gets extended for another 6 months. In Australia, a very high percentage of students finish their PhD studies on time.

Where I can apply for PhD?

Most of the Australian universities conduct doctoral courses. The selection of a university depends on the subject of research interest and finding a potential supervisor who will guide the research. Some of the leading universities of Australia are as follows:

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 How to apply for admission for PhD?

PhD admission usually takes a long time as compared to bachelor or masters study. This is because of it requires a direct involvement of the professor who will subsequently supervise the research and will remain associated with the project throughout the course and even after its completion, if one pursues for an academic career.

A student needs to plan well ahead for admissions and scholarship for PhD. There are a few basic steps which at times take longer time than expected.

  • The first step is to explore the research area in which one would like to pursue PhD. It is very important the research subject should be of interest to the student as one has to carry that research for three or more years.
  • The second step is to find a supervisor, who will be interested to guide you as supervisor. To find a potential supervisor, a student can explore the universities’ website which gives details of faculty contact e-mail addresses and their research interests. A student can send an e-mail regarding expression of interest for pursuing PhD with the potential supervisor. If a supervisor agrees the one can proceed for admission.
  • The third step is to apply for the admission and meet the basic requirements for admission, such as, basic qualification, IELTS score and financial support. One can also apply for scholarship. Most universities have their own funding for PhD research, with which student’s potential supervisor may help writing the proposal and grant application.

 What are the documents required for PhD admissions?

Basic documents that a student needs to submit for admission in PhD and for scholarship may include:

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. Certificates showing academic qualifications and achievements
  3. References for your teachers and place of work
  4. Proficiency in English Language
  5. Research Proposal
  6. Statement of Research Interest
  7. List of publications if there is any

How I can get scholarship for PhD?

Getting a scholarship for PhD is neither difficult nor easy. It depends on your academic merit, subject of research application and your academic references. Apart from these you need to be careful in your application and watchful of various opportunities available for funding and their deadlines.

A student needs to prepare a research proposal along with a strong case for scholarship i.e. why the university should provide grant and why applicant is the right candidate for this. Since PhD scholarship involves a big amount of money, it often takes longer time and patience and discipline is required for making timely applications until scholarship is achieved.

What is the cost of studying PhD in Australia?

Annual cost of studying PhD in Australia will be about 15 – 19 lacs Rs. per year towards the minimum. Tuition fees are about 9 – 11 lacs Rs. per year and living expenses are another 6-8 lacs Rs. per year.

How important is English language for studying PhD abroad?

This is extremely important. You will to write your thesis and that requires excellent language skills. You require at least 6.5 band of IELTS score.

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When should I start my process of admission for PhD?

Anytime is a good time PhD admissions. PhD admissions happen throughout the year, however, scholarship have deadlines. It may take a few months to a year for getting the admission and scholarship in place for a PhD.

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