Benefits of studying in a regional University in Australia

Benefits of studying in a regional University in Australia Benefits of studying in a regional University in Australia Benefits of studying in a regional University in Australia Benefits 20of 20studying 20in 20a 20regional 20University 20in 20Australia

Certain cities in Australia have been given the status of being regional. These areas are generally bit away from the main cities of Australia but in themselves they are developed and advanced cities. Cities such as Adelaide, Tasmania, Ballart, Townsville, Rockhampton, Darwin and many other well known cities fall in this category.

Regional cities of Australia have all the facilities that are available in larger cities but have had less population growth. The universities situated in regional areas are amongst the Top Best Australian Universities. Many large companies are situated in these cities.

Some regional universities have been in existence for half a century or more, attract many students from metropolitan areas and overseas and have deserved international reputations for innovative approaches to teaching and research.

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5 direct Benefits of studying in a regional based University

  • Low cost of living as compared to larger cities
  • Less competition of part time jobs
  • Chances of being paid higher minimum wages while working part time
  • Chances of gaining extra 5 points towards Permanent Residency
  • Better chances of getting work after completion of studies due to less competition

PR Benefit

For the purposes of General Skilled Migration, students may be able to claim points for the ‘Regional Australia’ part of the points test if they have lived in one or more of these areas and have studied full time at a campus located in regional Australia or a low population growth metropolitan area for at least 2 years prior to lodging their migration application or applying for state sponsorship.

Popular Regional Australian universities:

  • Tasmania University
  • University of Ballarat
  • Central Queensland University
  • Charles Darwin University
  • James Cook University
  • Southern Cross University
  • University of New England
  • University of Southern Queensland
  • University of South Australia
  • University of Adelaide

Many other Australian Universities and Colleges also have campuses in regional areas.

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  1. Sir. I am studying btech comp sc engenering from bvp eng coilege pune india. Probably will get 5 of marks intersted in software masters or comp sc masters and pr later on.plesae agv abt regional university fee and my eligibility

  2. dear madam,
    i am very keen to start off with my further studies in Australia. let me tell you here that i have 14 years of education and not 16. i have 5 years of experience in preschool teaching here in Pakistan and currently im 26 years old. ive done BSc Home Economics and want to enroll myself ina course that can compliment my 5 years of teaching experience and that way i can teach in Australia as well. is it possible by nay chance that i can catch a one year diploma course from a reputable institution and later can avail a 2 year masters Programme. Plus i want to apply for PR as well. Please guide an appropriate way to access my target and guide me a uni in which i can get extra 5 points for PR application.

  3. sir ,i am manoj completed my in computer science with aggregate of 69.7% with out any backlogs. ielts 6.5 with no band less than 6. i am in process to apply for masters in computer science and engineering in Australia but while in the process i came to know about benefits of regional areas to get 5 extra points for PR . but i am afraid about the part time availability for international students and pay for part time and one more thing about getting job after completing my studies.

    related to the courses …..

    i want to do masters in computer science and engineering but i find more courses in masters in information technology is there any difference between these both.

    sir i am interested doing my masters related cloud technology could you please suggest me the universities related to masters in cloud computing

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