Become a Global Citizen after Class 12th by Opting to Study Abroad


Education has a direct bearing upon the life prospects and overall attributes of thought and personality. To gain the most, we all try to study hard and emerge out as the frontline competitor in the global social economy. Most of us in India want to get enrolled in the best institution after our 12th but this dream is fulfilled only for few and many have to settle for inferior colleges. Studying abroad is a fine option after completing 12th and has many advantages for science, commerce and arts streams. Here is an overview of the benefits for you.

Whether opting for science, commerce or arts, the benefits are many!

For science education

The quality aspect

quality is the foremost factor in science education and any reduction in this parameter turns the entire academics as worthless. Well, it is an evident truth that in India, the quality has suffered badly in the last couple of decades. Why let your brighter prospects to fade into oblivion after going through these quality crunched systems. Abroad, science is defined by quality so that you can shine like a bright star on the basis of your potentials.

Practical relevance

the science education in universities abroad has come a long way and there actually is a practical dimension that imparts an applicative value in the learner so that he contributes as an innovator or entrepreneur. In India, the science education, except a few like IITs/IISc is a crude concept in it.

Range of specializations to choose from

the number of refined specializations have grown multi fold in the science education abroad. This has been done to generate more of the value of direct relevance as also due to the higher dedicated funding by the national governments and NPOs. You can choose from whole range of front-line specializations

Wide exposure

studying science abroad will let you have a wide exposure as the world’s best recruiters scout for their HR in the quality campuses and from among those having desired specializations.

Rationalized costs – science education is generally state funded and entails lower costs.

For the commerce & business disciplines

The high dynamism in education

the business education being taken up in the institutions abroad is based on high dynamism whereby the obsolete principles and theories are replaced by the new finding and acceptances in real time. Learn the best and most relevant laws and rules of doing business and enterprising.

An international orientation

get placed yourself in an international education ambience that the institutions abroad offer. This will help you to develop a global perspective of the things, chiefly the international economy and its working. Emerge out as a global entrepreneur.

Niche specializations

the business education abroad is diversified into niche specializations that would allow placement into the global conglomerates and blue chip firms which seek the best and desirable streams.

High flying prospects in India and world

the prospects get widened as you would get more exposure through the international job fairs.

For the humanities disciplines

Learn the global cultures

learn the cultural genres of the world by opting for the social sciences which are taught in the institutions abroad with fervour & not merely as mark fetching subjects. You will emerge out as a true global citizen through a well carved humanities discipline of your choice.

Get to know the world

start your higher education as a beginning to explore the world. The humanities curriculum in the foreign institution are so designed so as allow a truly global experience.

More value based options

the subjects offered are much more than the limited ones available in Indian colleges.

Return home as a scholar

the humanities subjects train the student to gain knowledge to ultimately emerge as the scholar.

The biggest advantage of studying abroad is that it allows you to become a global citizen and conditions the thought and personality of the individual student in the best conducts!

About Shahina Khan

Shahina Khan has more than 16 years of experience in higher education consultancy. She is recipient of multiple awards and renowned expert for international education, visa and culture. Ms. Khan continually explores new study destinations for Indian & South Asian students, and works on promotional strategies with a number of trusted institutions of higher education in various countries.